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Last Week (Week: 6). Latest Standings

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1Village Rock Ruthless49118
2Jimmy G's NOG Dirty Kids39217
3Jimmy G's NOG Island of Misfit Toys28325
4Braddock Bay Bad Boys26344
5Salvatores Saloon Goons17433
6McGinnity's Gunners11492
PositionDivision AWLA
1McGinnity's Lebowski30185
2McGinnity's Stepchildren29195
3Mulconrys Lets Be Inns26224
4Mulconrys Highlanders24244
5Old Toad Rosie and the RIbbiters23254
PositionDivision BWLA
1Barnard Crossing Woodchucks33156
2Masons Bulls Deep30185
3Bathtub Billys Dart Bags29195
4Bathtub Billys 12 Monkeys24244
5JJ's Pub Mayhem24244


Week 6
T80 Jeff Hysner
Nine Count Chris Simpson
Johnny Lee Jenkins
6 Count Bull None Reported
T In T46 - Scott Chamberlain
T20 - Dan Houser
T14 - Rich Bazer
T01 - Jon Karnisky
T01 - Jeff Bussom
T Out T13 - Khym Kaupelis


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