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Last Week (Week: 11). Latest Standings

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1Jimmy G's Island of Misfit Toys80307
2Jimmy G's Dirty Kids68426
3McGinnity's Stepchildren46644
4McGinnity's Gunners26842
PositionDivision AWLA
1Salvatore's Saloon Goons54345
2McGinnity's Lebowski50385
3Mulconry's Highlanders42464
4Mulconry's Let's Be Ins30583
PositionDivision BWLA
1Old Toad Rosie and the Ribbiters55256
2Barnard Crossing Woodchucks47335
3Mason's Bulls Deep39414
4Bathtub Billy's Dart Bags38424
5Bathtub Billy's Army of the 12 Monkeys34463
6Mayfields Mayhem27533


Week 11
T80 Bret Dussmann
Nine Count Brian Lennox
6 Count Bull None Reported
T In T20 - Jeff Hysner
T12 - Chris Hattala
T06 - Bob Pelusio
T02 - Judson Brown
T Out None Reported


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