The Genesee Valley Darts Association

40+ years promoting steel tip darts! Est. 1977

Metro has Week 5 on 2/19

- McGinnity's Gunners at Jimmy G's Dirty Kids
- Jimmy G's Island of Misfit Toys at McGinnity's Stepchildren

Division A has Week 5 on 2/19

- McGinnity's Lebowski at Mulconry's Let's Be Ins
- Mulconry's Highlanders at Salvatore's Saloon Goons

Division B has Week 5 on 2/19

- Old Toad Rosie and the Ribbiters at Bathtub Billy's Dart Bags
- Barnard Crossing Woodchucks at Mason's Bulls Deep
- Bathtub Billy's Army of the 12 Monkeys at Mayfields Mayhem

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