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The President's Corner

By Dave DeBruyne




January 2009


Another new year and another new season!  I hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready to play some darts!!


The past year has been an eventful one for the GVDA.  To recap:


-     2008 saw the league rejoin the ADO.  We held our first qualifier in October and sent Johnny Lee and Robert Stewart to the Cricket Regionals in Albany.  Johnny finished 3rd and is an alternate to go to the Cricket nationals!!  Congrats to both!  Our next qualifier is rapidly approaching (1/24) and the game this time will be 501.  If you are interested in becoming an ADO member just visit the website for details.


-         The strong tavern sponsored tournament schedule continues with three taverns sponsoring four Saturday night tournaments every month.  Again, visit the website for details.


-         We continue to welcome new members and teams to the league.  Unfortunately we also lost two members in the last few months of the year.  Steve Annucci and Shawn Murphy  will both be missed.


-         Finally, we have entered into a partnership with the Rochester Amerks and Knighthawks to run jointly sponsored team tournaments.  The first tournament is coming up on Jan 31st.  Come on out and be part of a new chapter in the GVDA.  Once again - check the website for details.


Once again we are coming up on a busy time of year for darts.  Between now and the end of February there is at least one dart tournament EVERY weekend.  There are the usual tavern sponsored tournaments which are open to all players including Ashton's (1/17 & 2/21), Ira's (1/24 & 2/28) and Stucko's (2/7 & possibly 2/14).  In addition to the weekend tavern tournaments, there are two GVDA member only tournaments - the ADO qualifier on 1/24 and the Knighthawks tournament on 1/31.  Finally, in the middle of all these, there is the 31st annual, $20,000+ Syracuse Open (2/20-2/22).  Get those dart arms in shape!


The website continues to grow and improve.  Check it out for details on everything GVDA including tournaments, schedules, standings and links to other great sites.  Sites include CafePress where you will find the GVDA store!  There are many new items available including items with the new GVDA logo.  If there is anything you, or your tavern, would like to see added to the available products just send an email to the league address and we'll work on it for you.  We have also added contact information to the site.  Just click on the contact button to find the email address you're looking for.


Finally, as always, I will end with more lame dart excuses.  If you have any suggestions for future Corners or excuses you would like to see here just send me an email. 


Good darting




-         I didn't get here in time to practice.

-         It's too cold in here.

-         I've never beat them before.

-         Someone spilled beer on my flights!




September 2008

Here we are again at the end of a summer and the start of another season!  A lot has been happening in and around the league.  We received some good exposure on RNews in early August.  Speaking of early, thanks to all of those that showed up at 5:30AM to help out with the spots.  If you want to see a clip from the shoot go to and check the communities section.  There is also a link to the feed on the website in the news section.


The biggest development of the summer is that the GVDA is once again a member of the ADO!!  The primary benefit to league members is the opportunity to compete against top quality darters on a regional and even national level.  We will be running qualifiers throughout the year to send GVDA members to compete on a regional level as representatives of our league!!  Go to the website's main page and click on the ADO tag to learn more.


Have you ever wanted to purchase GVDA merchandise but didn't know where to go?  Well - here is now a GVDA store!  You can find the link on the league website.  Go and check out the products that are available.  We have a new GVDA logo thanks to Joe Cumineale.  New logo products will be available soon.  Any purchases mad help support the GVDA.  Have an idea for the store?  Send an email and we'll get it added to the product list.  There is even an option for adding your tavern logo to items.


TOURNAMENTS, TOURNAMENTS and more TOURNAMENTS!!!  In case you haven't noticed, outside of the GVDA tournaments, there are at least FIVE tavern sponsored tournaments every month September thru May.  We have worked hard to help these taverns get their tournaments up and running and most have become fairly popular.  Again, you can find more info on the website.  These tournaments are open to all players so bring your friends and have a blast!


Finally, I'll end this segment with some of the better "excuses" for bad darts that I've heard recently.  Remember, if any of you have your own excuse or sign that you've been playing too many darts please pass it along.  I will be happy to include your submissions here in future "corners".




-         How can I concentrate when some drunk Karaoke singer is mutilating ''Surrender''?


-         The air conditioner is blowing right on me and breaking my concentration


-         Someone's cell phone went off while I was throwing


-         That dart hit the bull, I saw it ,it just fell out


FINALLY (does this remind you of anyone?)


-  We should have won, we're a lot better team than they are.


December 2007


Amazing as it seems we are about to put another season in the books.  They say time goes by faster as you get older but then why does everything else seem to work slower?  Anyway - based on comments from all of you, more people are visiting the website.  We continue to make improvements and expand the site with the addition of tournament listings and news updates.  Hopefully you have found it informative and useful.  Be sure to look for new additions and new links in 2008!


One of the encouraging changes in the GVDA is the number of new taverns expressing an interest in sponsoring a team as well as running monthly tournaments.  The monthly tournament at Ira's has seen improved attendance over the last year at this time including 18 people at the October tournament.  Considering the fact that several “regulars” were missing, the turnout could easily have been 24-30!  There were several people there that were new to the monthly tournament circuit including a few that were new to blind draw tournaments in general.  This brings me to my discussion point for this edition - there is no excuse for not participating in a blind draw tournament!!


The biggest excuse I hear is “I'm not good enough”.  So, get good is my response. There is one thing I can suggest on how to do just that -  Throw Blind Draws!!  They are a lot of fun, and you can win good money (the more people that show up, the better the payout).  Also, some people will not throw in them because they always get beat by the "Big Dogs" or, "I'm afraid that I'll tick my partner off if I miss an out shot".  Well if you don't at least try, you will never find out. Most darters that I know will help out beginners.  Especially the good ones.  If they are paired with you, they want to win too, so they will not alienate you, or put you down.  I started out being nervous throwing Luck of the Draws right when I started throwing and there is no feeling like you're first big out shot or high round in tournament play.  Playing blind draws in Syracuse (a true blind draw because you don't know a lot of people) has taught me a lot about the benefits of playing with a partner you don't know.  There's no thoughts of "I have to carry this guy" or "I hope I'm good enough" because you're both in the same boat and don't know much about each other.  Whenever I've been paired with a "big dog" I've learned from the experience and become a better player because of it.


Speaking of Syracuse, it's not too early to think about going.  The dates are February 15, 16 &17th 2008.  The flyer can be found by following the link for Salt City Dart League from the Links page.


Finally, instead of ending this segment with signs that you've been playing too many darts I will offer up some of the better "excuses" for bad darts that I've heard recently.  Remember, if any of you have your own sign or excuse please pass it along.  I will be happy to include your submissions here in future "corners".




-         I haven't had enough aiming fluid


-         It's too cold (hot) in here


-         The ceiling fan blew my dart offline


-         I can't shoot with my shoes on (sounds like a certain red-headed female we know)


-         It's OK, this game didn't matter anyway


May 2007


Well, another season is at an end and it finally looks like spring is here! 


We are less than a week away from summer sign-up and the sign-up tourney!  Even if you're not playing darts over the summer come out for the tourney.


Another Syracuse Open is in the books.  Once again those who attended had a great time and represented the GVDA very well!  Those that finished in the money include Phil Carocci (T9th Blind Draw Cricket), Dale LaFrance and Jeff Bussom (T17th Blind Draw Cricket), Amy DeBruyne and Penny Wasnock (T5th Women's Single 501) and Bill Eichas (T5th Men's Single Cricket).


The GVDA website continues to expand.  Our webmaster, Jon, continues to work on the addition of a forum for dart related posts and your general comments and questions.  You will also find a ton of information available including links to dart related websites as well as downloadable versions of scoresheets, schedules and standings.


One of the interesting articles I recently found discussed the pro strategy and methods for taking their outs in '01 games.  Obviously practice is key to being able to hit your target number but it also goes beyond just getting as many point as you can in each round.  For example, do your math before you go to the line and have a plan for where to go if you miss you target number with your first dart. 


Another key point when you're looking at an out is to throw your first dart at the triple where the single will leave you on a two dart out. 


Example #1:  When taking out 126, many players will shoot at triple 20 first because it's even.  When they miss and hit a single 20 they're left with 106 with no way to go out in this turn - three more darts for the other guy.  The proper first dart is at triple 19.  If you hit it you're at 69 or if you miss you're at 107.  Both numbers can be taken out in two darts. 


Example #2:  When on 88 most players like triple 16 double 20 but a single 16 leaves 72 which forces you to hit a triple with your second dart or the other guy gets to shoot three more.  The best way out is triple 20, double 14.  If you miss the triple and catch a single 20 you will have 68 left where you can finish triple 18, double 7.  That's right, T18,D7 because if you miss the second dart and catch single 18 you still have a third dart at the double bull to win.


We've also been working hard to find ways to expand the league.  In recent months members of the board have visited several taverns that have potential as new GVDA locations.  Some tavern owners have said that the only reason they haven't participated yet is that they simply didn't know how to get into the GVDA.  You can all help by letting us know if there is a tavern out there that is interested in sponsoring a team.  New teams and individuals can sign up for the summer season to get their feet wet.  As an incentive, the membership dues are reduced for players joining for the summer.


Finally, as always, I will end this segment with "signs that you have spent too much time playing darts". Remember, if any of you have your own sign please pass it along.  I will be happy to include the your submissions here in future "corners". 


Good darting




Signs that you may be spending too DDS (Dazed Darters Syndrome):


-         Clocks look funny with a 12 at the top.


-         You watch SportsCenter and find yourself breaking down basketball scores into an out.


-         You keep looking on the floor for the flight from your pen.


January 22, 2007

Well, here we are at the beginning of a new year and a new dart season.  I hope everyone had a great holiday season! 


In the last installment I talked about the new GVDA website.  It continues to grow as Jon, our fearless webmaster, continues to upgrade and make additions to the site.  The next planned addition is a forum for dart related posts and your general comments and questions.  If you haven't visited the site yet please do.  There is a ton of information available including links to dart related websites as well as downloadable versions of scoresheets, schedules and standings.


The winter season is off to a good start.  We had a strong turn-out of players at Sunset for the winter sign-up tournament.  Thanks to all those who participated.  Although the number of teams this season is down by one, we actually saw an increase in the number of dues paying members!!  Welcome to those of you who are new to the GVDA.


It's time to "sharpen" up your dart games!  We have reached a time of year that is very exciting and busy for dart players.  From now until the end of February, there is a dart tournament every weekend except Superbowl weekend.    There are the usual monthly tournaments at Ira's (1/27 & 2/24) and Jukebox (2/10).  In the middle of all that is the 29th annual $15,000 Syracuse Open (2/16-2/18).


If you're not familiar with the Syracuse Open, it is run by the Salt City Dart League in Syracuse.  There is a link to the Salt City website in the links section of our website.  There you will find a flyer that details the events and payouts.  It is a VERY well run tournament that is a ton of fun every year.  One sign that this tournament is a well-respected event is the number of pros that regularly attend.  Pros that we've had the chance to rub elbows with include Johnny Kuczynski, the No. 1 ranked US player, (yes, the same one that I actually beat one leg of cricket), Darrin Young, Ray Carver & Bill Davis on the men’s side and Stacy Bromberg, Carolyn Mars & Marilyn Popp for the women.


At last year's Syracuse Open we had 15 GVDA members from nearly every GVDA division make the trip down the thruway.  Most went for the weekend, a few just came for Saturday’s events.  Overall they represented our league very well!  Those that finished in the money in one or more events and the divisions they represent include (Metro) Dale LaFrance, Amy DeBruyne (2), Penny Wasnock (2), Rob Stewart and Steve Ellingham (2); (1B) Bill LaClair (2) and Phil Caracci; (1C), Steve Neu.  Also attending from Rochester was Tommy Baier who cashed in 3 events.


Results like the ones from last year show that the GVDA is made up of quality dart players that can compete at all levels.  This year our goal is to get at least 20 people there to represent the GVDA.  If anyone is interested in going or has questions please contact either myself or Jon.  There are usually people looking to share a room and transportation expenses.


Finally, as always, I will be ending each segment with "signs that you have spent too much time playing darts". Remember, if any of you have your own sign please pass it along.  I will be happy to include your submissions here in future "corners".  This segment, the focus will be on signs that you have PTSS (Post Tournament Stress Syndrome) 


Good darting




Signs that you may be suffering from PTSS

(Post Tournament Stress Syndrome):


-         Eating is only done with your non-throwing hand.


-         After taking the ticket, you tell the toll booth attendant to "shoot well".


-         You hear "Attention Wal-Mart shoppers" and you listen intently for your board assignment!


-         When the highway sign says "New York City 181 miles", before you even realize you went the wrong way, your first thought is "11 more and I have an out!"



October 1, 2006


Welcome to the initial installment of The President's Corner.  The general idea is to use this as a forum to pass along information about the GVDA and darts in general. I will be updating "the corner" periodically and welcome your comments, feedback and any suggestions for future topics. 


In this first installment I would like to take the time to thank Jon Karnisky and Bill LaClair for their hard work in getting the new GVDA website up and running.  As webmaster, Jon continues to upgrade and make additions to the site.  If you haven't visited the site yet please do.  There is a ton of information available including links to dart related websites as well as downloadable versions of scoresheets, schedules and standings.  There will also be a forum for your comments and questions.


The fall season is off to a good start and we are rapidly approaching midseason already!  The first monthly tournament was Saturday 9/30 with Amy DeBruyne and Dale Culver coming out on top.  This season the tournament is being held at Ira's.  For those of you who haven't been there recently Ira's has made some improvements including the addition of a small kitchen menu which now includes wings, fries and sandwiches.  They've also upgraded to a new jukebox.  These things combined with CHEAP drinks make Ira's a great place for tournaments so make sure to come out in October and join the fun.


One thing that has been a frequent topic of discussion lately at matches is darts on TV.  Unfortunately ESPN decided that the ratings for the World Series of Darts were not sufficient to keep the original schedule so many of us missed the end of that tournament.  Currently, the Holsten Premier League featuring the likes of Phil Taylor, Wayne Mardle, Colin Lloyd and Raymond Van Barneveld is being shown on OLN (Cable channel 69).  A schedule can be found at  Theses matches were played about six months ago and are shown tape delayed.  There is also a site called that has current highlights from ongoing tournaments.  They had footage available from the Las Vegas Desert Classic this past summer the day after events were played.


Finally, I will be ending each segment with "signs that you have spent too much time playing darts".  I will include a few in this initial edition and add new ones with each new edition.  If any of you have your own sign please pass it along.  I will include the best of your submissions here in future "corners".


Good darting




A sign that you spend too much time playing darts:


-         "Nice darts!" is your standard response to your spouse/child's achievements.

-         You consider anyone who is 26, a "classic".

-         When the cashier at the checkout says "That'll be 170" you immediately respond with triple 20, triple 20, double bull.

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