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The History of The GVDA

A clipping from circa 1976 describing an early days tournament foreshowing the establishment of the Genesee Valley Darts Association. Thanks to Ron Weismann.

This page will provide the history of the GVDA. We have a small write-up that was done in the Mid-80's, but it is a bit thin.

There is a lot of source material to sort through, so there will be more coming. Anybody willing to help out or with anything to add, please feel free to email us.

The GVDA was founded November 8th, 1977 at Barberian's Cove (now Summerville Grill) following discussions that took place at a tournament in the Bench and Bar on Fitzhugh St N (by City Hall) on October 30th, 1977. 12 teams took part in the inaugural league season later that winter.

 1981 found the corporation growing by leaps and bounds. As of January that year, we had 51 teams and over 600 members with Bob Pedersen as President (Ed Sofinowski left for Washington). Ron Durand - Vice President (Tim Beach stepped down for personal reasons), Dennis Carter Secretary, Bob Hartman - Treasurer. Directors were Bob Pedersen, Les Hanes and Ron Durand.  G.V.D.A. League Rules were revised December 17, 1981. The officers attempted many changes in the league in 1981 - but as always - lack of enthusiasm on behalf of players volunteering help, reduced the performance of the changes wanted.

 1982 officers were Bob Pedersen - President, Gerry Snow - Vice President, Dennis Carter - Secretary, Bob Hartman - Treasurer. The directors were Les Hanes, Ron Durand and Bob Pedersen. We started 1982 with 64 teams and the league rules were revised September 9, 1982. Metro League was added at four teams vs. the usual eight to "professionalize" the league for competition with other parts of the country. The games were increased from the usual five single, two double games to six single and three doubles games. Cricket Doubles was added to the 301/501 format. 1982 also saw the offering of G.V.D.A. mugs, jackets, and patches. There were some instances of fighting end disturbances during the course of 1982 that required suspension of some members with owners barring those people from their tavern.

 1983 officers were Bob Pedersen - President, Cheech Burns - Vice President, Dennis Carter - Secretary, Bob Hartman - Treasurer and the directors were Les Hanes, Ron Durand, and Bob Pedersen. There is not much on file for 1983 currently; but at the time of this printing, the League was involved with Riunite Wine who paid for 1/2 the cost of trophies and supplied some Scoreboards. Winners of the Winter 1983 Season were DIV I Bill Grays, DIV II - Charlies, DIV III - Callaghan's. Annual membershlp dues was $5.00, taverns - $25.00. On October 9th, 1983, Gilhooley's was destroyed by fire.

 1984 officers were Dennis Carter - President, Tony Steward (Norm Biegaj took over later) - Vice President, Sherry Dulieu - Secretary, Bonnie Woolley (soon to be McManus) - Treasurer. Directors were Lea Hanes, Bob Pedersen (stepped down, Dan McManus appointed), and Dennis Carter. 1984 - the need arose to pursue the not-for-profit status of the corporation. This carried on through the year and into 1985. Ground work included collecting the past three years treasury reports for fillng to the IRS and changing lawyers among other facets required. The 1st Annual Weenee Roast was held on "Father's Day". The attendance was poor but those there had a good time. A copier was purchased for the League. Scoresheet standings were few and far between due to the then standings personnel. Dart standards were fabricated for tournaments. The year 1984 was seen as a year of bringing the League together and efficiently organizing end regulating the activities of the League.   The answering service was replaced. 501 was introduced into the lower divisions.

The Genny Lite Open started in 1986 and ran as a premier level US tournament for many years, including a CanAm friendly competition between players from Canada and the USA, before it folded in the early years of the 21st century. The Rochester Open is now up and running again, building slowly and steadily, with the principal support of Pride Commercial Appliance Services since 2012

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