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40+ years promoting steel tip darts! Est. 1977
Board Members and Officers

Dave DeBruyne - President

Dave D

I first played competitive darts in 1997 when I joined the Psychos and quickly became hooked on all things darts.  I joined my current team, Dirty Kids in 2003 to play on the same team as my wife Amy. 

You can usually find me at the various steel tip tournaments around the area as well as part of the group that makes the annual road trip to Syracuse to represent the GVDA at the Salt City Dart League's Syracuse Open in addition to other Regional tournaments such as Cleveland, Connecticut and Albany.  My biggest claim to dart fame is that I once beat pro player Johnny Kuczynski (the only American qualifier to reach the second round of the 2006 World Series of Darts) in the first game of a cricket match.  Of course he promptly opened the next game with a 9 count and kicked my #&%.   

I joined the board in January 2002 and served on the protest committee until assuming the role of President in 2006.  My life is better because of darts - it is how I met my wife and stepson along with many great friends.  I am proud to be a member of the GVDA.  This organization has seen (and weathered) its share of challenges and continues to be a strong league season after season.  According to some that have had the opportunity to experience other leagues, the GVDA is one of the better leagues in the country. 

I have also run (and played in) soft tip leagues in Rochester.  I am a darter for life.  As long as I am able, and the membership continues to vote me to the board, I will continue to do my best to promote the sport of darts and the GVDA as we take on future challenges.  If anyone has questions, comments or would like to contact me directly, I can be reached at  My question is this - where else other than the GVDA can you play in three separate seasons as well as multiple tournaments that provide added cash prizes for a membership fee of only $30?!?

Geoff Silkey - Vice President, Tournament Director

Geoff S

I have been playing in the GVDA for over 10 years and at some point made darts my favorite hobby. I volunteered for the board because I am passionate about the game of darts and feel I can have a positive impact on the league. I am always looking for ideas we could use to revitalize our membership and I welcome input from everyone. I can be reached anytime via email at ( gts AT ).

Ed Day - Secretary

Ed D

I first started playing darts against my brother, shortly after exiting the womb, and my parents had a back door riddled with woodworm-like holes to prove it! That's right, I'm the resident Limey on the board.

After emigrating it took me five years to find my way to my first tavern tournament in 2007 and then Jon Karnisky persuaded me to start playing regular league darts out of Carroll's, then a few more transitions until my current host Jimmy G's Night Owl Grill.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of steel and soft tip darts being played over here, by which I mean I'm just as useless this side of the pond as I was the other. I'd love to get more people honing their superior skills to mine using the steel tip board. I'd particularly like to see more televised 'arrers' in the USA because the quality internationally has reached new heights in the past few years - and also of course because it's pure gold entertainment.

Bob Sheremeta - Board Inspector, Protest Committee

Bob S

I have been playing darts since 1994, started at Just-Us, have played in many bars over the years, including: New Dutch Mill, Fiddlers Green, Moe's, The Ridge Pub, Ira's, Bath-Tub Billy's, KJ Quinlin's, and California Brew House. I also play in the Hilton-Hamlin Outlaw League on Wednesdays.

My other hobbies include shooting sports, hunting and golf. I have a side business, The Leather Dragon, I make and sell hand tooled leather products. I'm also working at the Renaissance Festival every summer, and have been for over 20 years.

My wife Marcia has been very supportive of my dart playing over the years. I also got my son and son-in-law into playing steel- tip, my daughter also plays, and all play on the same team with me.

Thought I would like to be on the board to help give back, and help support steel- tip leagues.

Dave McCrary - Protest Committee, ADO Committee

Dave M

I have been throwing darts in The GVDA for 10+ years. I've played out of Sunset lanes, Ira's, Monty's Korner and now at McGinnity's - been on a few different teams and made many friends over the years. I love to throw darts and hang out with friends, have a few drinks and relax. I would love to hear new ideas and see The GVDA get back up in attendance.


Because we'll always need an ugly nun on the site

Jon Karnisky - Scorekeeper

I've been playing in the GVDA for 20+ years (not that I have gotten any better). I've been on a few different teams and played for a lot of taverns like Jeremiah's, Crankers, The Flying Goose, The Dog House, The Loft, Drinks By Mary Dawn, The Loft, B.R. Cruisers, Maxwell's, Curley's, Carroll's, Stucko's, and currently at Colters.  I served on the board January 2001 - December 2012. I assumed scorekeeping duties from Pete Varlan in October of 2001. Yes, that's me you call every Wednesday. When Geoff Dwyer became President in 2004, I became Vice President and I remained in that spot with Geoff in 2004, Joe Young in 2005, and Dave DeBruyne in 2006 to 2012. When not masquerading as the world ugliest nun, I also chair the Protest Committee. 

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